Meet Our Speakers – Betsy Hall McKinney

Betsy McKinney is an environmental activist, social entrepreneur, philanthropist, and creator of The Founding Family, a pro-democracy, evolutionary partnership for interdependence.

TEDxSandHillRdWomen kicks off this year with the theme “Women Rising.” How do you relate to this theme, in terms of where women are today?

Women are rising all around the world today and women have risen in the past in the United States to achieve the vote and equal rights. What are women rising for now? What do we want to achieve? And how do we sustain this rising? Those are the questions we must answer collectively as women.

What is one story that you will be touching on in your talk that speaks to this vision?

How I became ignited and what I am rising for!

What would you most like attendees to know about you today?

My commitment is to Love, Partnership and Interdependence as the values needed to evolve our democracy.

How can people best reach you to continue this conversation?

People can join The Founding Family on our website or Facebook page, or connect with me on TwitterLinkedIn, or email.


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