2012 Women Rising Videos

Julie Glibert
Melinda Kramer
Betsy Hall McKinney
Jackie VanderBrug
Lynne Twist

Quantum Growth…If not you…Who?

Julie Gilbert at TEDxSandHillRdWomen


Julie Glibert Newrai is a successful serial entrepreneur that personally led the creation and scale of new business growth of over $11 billion, inside large organizations like Best Buy and Deloitte by mobilizing the leadership of previously untapped women customers and employees in over 53 countries. Her innovative movement, WOLF now enables this kind of empowerment and financial growth around the world.

A Story of Resilience

Melinda Kramer at TEDxSandHillRdWomen


MELINDA KRAMER is an environmental activist, mother, connector and founding director of Women’s Earth Alliance (WEA). In 2004, she set out to create a thriving global resource to support the courageous efforts of grassroots women leaders working around the world to protect the environment for future generations. Today, she guides WEA’s work on three continents around issues of clean water, food security, climate change, and land protection. www.womensearthalliance.org

The Founding Family

Betsy Hall McKinney at TEDxSandHillRdWomen


Betsy Hall McKinney is an environmental activist, social entrepreneur, philanthropist, former journalist and Director of her family’s foundation. As a member of the Women’s Donor Network (WDN), which leverages the power of women’s philanthropy, Betsy spearheads the ‘Reigniting Women’ initiative. Betsy shares her compelling and grounded idea about how women, interdependence and feminine values can restore and evolve our democracy.This talk presents a bold plan for women to rise in partnership with men to build a people’s movement and to declare interdependence as an evolutionary step in our democracy. More information is available at www.thefoundingfamily.com.

The Gender Lens Opportunity

Jackie VanderBrug at TEDxSandHillRd Women


Jackie VanderBrug is a leader in the emerging global field of gender lens investing and a founder of the Women Effect Investments Initiative. Jackie works with both investors and investment vehicles to develop the gender lens investing market. Her relationships with a wide range of stakeholders – not only investors and fund managers, but also collaborators as diverse as the Women’s Funding Network, the Aspen Network for Development Entrepreneurs, Women in the World Foundation, the Pipeline Fellowship and Astia – provide her an unparalleled perspective on the rich opportunities presented by this field. This talk addresses the fact that the gender lens is now commonplace in development, increasingly present in philanthropy, but almost unknown in investing — how much can change when we fix that equation?

The Sophia Century

Lynne Twist a TEDxSandHillRdWomen


Lynne Twist, a global visionary, activist, fundraiser, consultant and author, has devoted her life to bringing forth an environmentally sustainable, socially just, and spiritually fulfilled human presence on earth. Her work has taken her around the world, where she has developed a keen understanding of the relationship of people to money: the psychology of scarcity and sufficiency. More information is available at www.soulofmoney.org.

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